Why Sundays are Awesome

…before the Monday blues kick in, allow yourself to bask in the glory that is Sunday. A lot of times, and I’m guilty of it, I allow myself to start feeling the Sunday scaries. I start thinking of my Monday to-do list, how early I need to get up, and the week ahead. But is that fair to ourselves?

Yes, sometimes we need to think ahead and prepare for the week. It allows me to feel more ready Monday morning when I wake up. However…it shouldn’t ruin our Sunday!

Instead, we should relish the other half of our weekend. Find ways to enjoy it a little more. A few ways I enjoy my Sundays lately include:

  1. Making extra time for the gym to start off the week right
  2. Sleeping in or taking a nap because why the hell not?
  3. Allowing myself a cheat meal or snack to enjoy the day a little more (ex. brunch or dessert)
  4. Picking an activity that gets me out of the apartment, especially if the weather is perfect
  5. If I’ve been out most of the weekend, then instead my Sunday maybe a day where I allow myself some me time and no need to venture out as far.
  6. And my favorite, taking time to catch up with distant friends…because more people have time on Sundays to chat


image source – pixabay

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