Why I Choose Batman

There is team Batman and there’s team Superman. You have to choose, you can’t have it both ways. It would be like loving two types of ice cream. That’s just crazy talk.

Team Batman is mine, and although there may be some similarities to Superman, I still choose Batman because:

  1. He doesn’t have super powers – Batman became a superhero/vigilante because he wanted to be, not because he was born to be one. He went through hardship, had the resources, and decided he wanted to rise above the crap and help prevent it.
  2. He’s vulnerable – He hurts. He has pain and suffering from his childhood, his love life, and hates himself when he isn’t able to do things he was hoping to achieve.
  3. He had to practice – Because he was born with no powers, he had to workout, get fit, and practice his skills in order to fight the bad buys. He had to practice being two people. He had to practice how to fight without going too far, but giving enough that he made a difference.
  4. He is human – most of all, he is like us. He was born like us, and decided to push further and give more of himself in order to make a difference.

Batman, although born from the comics, and not a real person – is someone who has characteristics that allows us to strive for more too. He’s imperfect, he’s flawed, and he has to work hard to achieve what he wants and beat his demons.

And as they say, if you can be batman. You have to be batman.


image source: pixabay

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