When you Sit and Wait

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste sitting, waiting, planning, thinking, and worrying? There’s so much more we can do with our time…I mean we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce, right?

I was sitting in Jury Duty recently and I thought wow, I’m just sitting here, without good WiFi access, and I’m not sure what to do because I can’t get into my regular documents to do beneficial work, but there has to be a way to do more with my life than just sit here.

So after I did all the work that was feasible without WiFi, I jotted down goals for the week. Then I planned out how I would achieve them. What obstacles I could take out of my way, and how I could worry less about the things I couldn’t control and focus more on what I could.

For example, I couldn’t control if I got placed on a jury and what days and plans it may impact. However, I could control how I handled the stress and situation. I could wait and see what happened, and realize whatever could be moved, would just be moved. And if I had to stay up later doing some extra work to ensure I stayed on task at the office, so be it. Not every week is perfect and balanced, and I would much rather work and be efficient than sit and think and wonder what I should do with my time.

A few ways to be more productive when you’re stuck in a situation that seems futile or lacking the ability to do everything you’d prefer to be doing (i.e. stuck on a train, no power, or waiting at a dr’s appt):

1. Define your daily goals
2. Take some time to meditate and be mindful of your stress
3. Take a walk if you can rather than just sitting (your butt will thank you)
4. Stay positive and worry less about what you can’t control
5. Drink water…it’s better for you than coffee, and will make you less jittery when you’re feeling stressed

And when you’re still sitting…take a moment and enjoy it. Sometimes we don’t sit enough.


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