The Power of the Stubborn

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Some call it a weakness, while others call it a strength. What is it though? Me, I hate to lose or not be the best at things. For example, when I was a kid, my brother would let me win at video games, and when I realized he was letting me win, it only hardened my resolve to one day beat him. It was definitely a bit of being stubborn, but it was also a desire to not give in or lose. I considered myself better than that. A recent acquaintance called that a strength rather than a weakness.

In the past, I’ve also seen some people be so stubborn that the would fight in circles, because they would not back down from an argument. They just wanted to come out on top and prove the other person wrong. No matter the frustration and time taken out of a beautiful day. Now that my friends, is definitely a weakness. And it can strain relationships.

Then there are folks who are stubborn to achieve their goals. They want to go to grad school – get that job – have that family – and the kids who grow up to be over achievers too. That’s awesome. But the thing to consider in all this greatness that you’re stubbornly resolved to have – is that not everything goes as planned. You have to let the armor down a little, and be ok with having some, and letting life take you where you’re supposed to go too. Your marriage may not be perfect, because we cannot control everything in our lives, and definitely not the feelings and actions of others. We may find the perfect job, but hate our team or where we live. But those are circumstances we can change. We can move and find a new awesome job. Or we can ride it out and make it better where we are.

Stubborn. It’s a word. A characteristic which some of us have. Not bad. Not good. The goal – to not let it define us either.


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