Stolen Glances

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It started like this…

She caught his look

The pure evil behind his eyes

The look of desire

The look of lust

The desire to want her.

He didn’t see the need behind hers

The need for courage

The desire for respect

The struggle for greater strength.

She desired him.

He needed her desire.

She looked away

Far beyond his reach

Needing the strength to keep moving.

He saw her glance

Glance away.


We’ve all been there. A relationship we didn’t expect. One that took us and sucked us in like a huge wave of fury. We’re all in. Then all of a sudden, it’s all over. We are left with pieces of ash, wondering where it all went. What went wrong. Was it worth it? Why did we bother?

Then after time, we realize.

It’s always worth it. The pain makes us stronger. The lessons make us who we are. The relationships are part of what shapes us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the people who have crossed our paths and our hearts.

Even with, those stolen glances.


image source – amazon heart 

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