Seven Fitness Items you Need Today

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The gym is a lot more effective and so is your workout when you have the right gear to make your fit goals more efficient.

Here are seven items I always have:

  1. The perfect pair of sneakers – I’m no sneaker expert, and I know there are different types of sneakers for different types of fitness (i.e. running, hiking, etc), but it’s important to ensure you find a pair (or two) that are right for your fitness needs. I’ve gone through many over the years, but recently I landed on my favorite. They are like walking in clouds, and I’m excited to put them on. My feet never hurt, and I know I am more quick on my feet in them due to the comfort as well. My go-to: Nike Free Sneakers
  2. A yoga mat – Whether you’re taking it with you to the gym, or keeping it at home, it’s helpful to have for those days you want to stretch, do a little yoga, and/or keep your fitness going even when you’ve only got 30 minutes before work.
  3. Free weights – As with the yoga mat, it’s nice to have at least one set of weights at home for those days you can’t make it to the gym. They’re great for helping tone, and are clutch when it comes to becoming stronger (and that doesn’t mean being bulky, it means being strong).
  4. The right sports bra – No one wants to take the chance of “popping out” during a spin or cardio class, with the whole class watching. Yikes. It’s nice to have a few that are meant for heavy cardio versus lighter fitness where you need less coverage. The key is ensuring you won’t slip out when going hard, but also feel that it’s not too restraining and you can still feel comfortable. My tip – go to a local fitness shop like Lululemon or Athleta and ask them to help fit you properly.
  5. A suitable gym bag – It’s no fun digging through your work bag or random tote bag trying to find your lock, deoderant, and ensure your dirty clothes don’t smell up your bag. A good gym bag will let you organize your stuff, and leave space for clean vs. dirty clothes and ensure your water bottle won’t leave perspiration over your clothes either. You don’t have to spend your weekly budget on one either, just do your research and even check out your local marshalls or models. My tip, find a bag you convert to a messenger bag or backpack so you aren’t restrained to just a shoulder bag. And if you’re ok with spending a bit more, the Andi bag is my fave.
  6. Fitwear that “fits” – Some people laugh that I value my leggings so much. It’s because they motivate me to workout more because I feel good in them. I’ve taken the time to ensure my leggings, tops, bras, etc fit my body so when I’m working out, I’m not pulling or tugging or trying to ensure my clothes stay on properly. They stay where they’re supposed to be and I feel good in them. They shouldn’t detract from your workout, but enhance it.
  7. A cold water bottle – Whether it’s a Sigg or a Swell┬áit’s helpful (especially for those long cardio workouts) to have a water bottle that can keep your thirst quenched with cold water. My favorite is that I can take my Sigg and place it on the back of my neck to help cool myself down during a spin class. Trust me, it works.

In the end we all have our things that help us workout better, but hopefully a few of these will help you be even more efficient and inspired.


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