There’s a moment, when I look at myself. Not in the mirror. But I truly look at myself. I think. Who am I? Am I happy with who I am? Am I happy with who I’ve become? Where I am today?

It doesn’t happen everyday. Or every week. But usually at least once a month. Where I evaluate. I reflect on myself. It could be on something small like my fitness achievements. Or it could be on the bigger picture. Other times, I go down the rabbit hole and I evaluate my looks and every little piece. Like, I swear I didn’t have that wrinkle before. Bad rabbit hole, bad. Don’t go there. It’s like the Facebook rabbit hole…3 hours later…

Then there are the questions:  What can do I better?  Can I be kinder? To her? Him? To myself? Where can I focus more? Where can I be easier on myself? How can I just chill out more? Relax my brain?

These are the questions to get us to the next level.

They are good to ask, but only if we are going to take action on them. A lot of times I make myself aware. And then I make myself aware again. And again. And then I make myself realize, ok let’s do this. For example, when I get sick with a bad cold, I realize I really did need more sleep or more water. Balance. I reflected and realized sometimes I just have to listen to my body. It knows what I need.

Other times, I push myself more. Mind over matter. There are times, when I don’t want to go to the gym or I feel tired. It’s a Saturday morning and all I want to do is sleep in after getting up at 5 or 530 most work mornings. But, really – getting to that spin class and making myself sweat before most people are out of bed, makes me feel more accomplished and more excited for my Saturday ahead. Then I can go ahead, grab a mani and some groceries on the way home. Maybe brunch. Maybe Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond. Not sure if we’ll have time.

The key is to allow reflection to bring us to a better place. To allow us to “tweak” ourselves – each day, each week. It’s not about raking ourselves over the coals or analyzing ourselves to death. It’s about realizing the things we can change, fix, and evolve about ourselves, and taking actions on them, however small or large they may be.

Reflection. It helps.


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