Making healthier choices each day

I struggle with healthier choices, just like the next person. I constantly crave sugar and carbs, but being gluten free has changed that for me. The options are less, which in turn has made me make healthier food choices overall. But you don’t have to be GF to eat better.
It all starts with a mindset, and I realized that my mindset is better when I start he day off right.  Here are the five things I “try” to do each day:
1. Start the day with a nutritional meal: Usually 2 hard boiled eggs, fruit, and/or a an almond milk and fruit smoothie.
2. Be active when you wake up: I do 30 – 90 minutes of cardio/strength training 6 days a week. Some days it’s just 30 min. Other days it’s a full on 60-90 minutes to make up for the lazy days.
3. Think smaller meals vs. binge eating: I try to eat 3-5 small meals a day vs. 3 large ones. I’m a snacker, and I can’t help it. So instead of binging at lunch or dinner, I have a couple small snacks throughout the day to curb my cravings.
4. Walk around: Instead of sitting for hours at a time, I get up and do some squats or lunges to wake up my muscles. Too weird to do in an office? Walk around the floor a few times.
5. That glass of wine is A Ok. Because it’s grape juice right? One glass with dinner or after work isn’t going to kill your nutritional ways. As long as it’s not the whole bottle. 🙂
How do you #radiatedaily?

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