Loneliness in a Sea of Thousands

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Feeling lonely isn’t a weakness. It’s a state of emotion that can occur at anytime, and for a moment, or a much longer moment. You could be in a crowd of people at a party with your closest friends, or at a family dinner, and still feel a twinge of loneliness. Sometimes it’s due to a loss of a significant other, a close relative, or even a change in situation.
The situation could be a job change, a move, or a mental change. Sometimes it’s about not being fully happy with ourselves that causes this feeling to occur.
So now what?
Consider the core reason for why you feel lonely. It could be a couple reasons, but thinking through 1-3 things that have been causing this new emotional downturn, may help.
Now that you’re “mindful” of the reason behind it, what can you do? Is it something that can be fixed? For example, if it’s a body image issue, can you exercise more? Eat healthier? Or is it a deeper routed issue with not having achieved a place in life that you feel you should be at by now? In that case, maybe changing your perception on where you and who you are is what’s needed.
Consider this…. Change your own story to yourself.
Maybe you haven’t gotten that promotion yet, bought that house, or had a bundle of children. So what? Does that define who you are as a person? Definitely not.
Focus on what defines you. And go from there.
Personally, I am happiest with myself and in life daily when I am furthering myself personally and professionally. Whether that’s with a good workout in the morning or reading some blog posts to keep up in digital marketing…it’s about growth and productivity for me. And balance. Finding moments to give myself a moment to breathe.
What’s yours?

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