Listen to your body

Society and media has made it an assumption that we need to work out a million hours a day and week to have the perfect body. That we need cleanses and only eat raw food. Never even sniff a donut. Can drive us all a little batty, don’t you think?

It’s great to care about fitness and nutrition, and we all should. But we also need to remember when to give ourselves a break. Working out 7 days a week on top of long work hours and a social life, can be draining. Sometimes your body is saying…”Help! Let me rest.”

Listen to your Body.

If your muscles need some recovery – provide it. If your body needs some carbs, allow it. Going all or nothing may make you crash at some point, and that will be less helpful in the long run. Strike a balance that allows you to still feel healthy and achieving your goals, and also providing rest and sanity when you need to recover and bounce back.

Perhaps this, instead of that:

Take a walk instead of hitting the gym.

Take a nap instead of running unnecessary errands.

Eat a paleo dessert instead of an indulgent one.

Sleep in instead of running out the door.

Have a glass of wine instead of a fruity cocktail.

Have some sorbet instead of a sundae.

Love yourself instead of pushing yourself too hard.


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