Life changes in an instant…

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Time is relative. It can feel like it’s slow and taking forever to move forward, and at other times, we wish we could stay in a moment for so much longer, and that time would just stay put for a while. Would be nice if time would listen to us, wouldn’t it?

Time…and in turn life is precious. It changes in an instant. You are planning to go right and all of a sudden you have no way to go but left. You expected to get your MBA degree but instead you have to take care of an elderly relative. Or perhaps you lose a spouse at an early age. What if you go into debt through a business venture or you move with a significant other, and it just doesn’t pan out the way you thought. And then there’s the inevitable smartphone clumsy moment…just don’t let it be while you’re crossing the street or near a drop off (yikes!)

Things could be going perfect in your life and all of a sudden it all changes…it’s like your life has turned upside down, and you can’t recognize any of it. So now what?

Every instance is different but a few things hold true in each of those:

  • Stay strong and resilient
  • Focus on what you can control (and not on things you cannot)
  • Offer your assistance, and allow others to help you too (you don’t have to handle everything yourself)
  • Be grateful for what you do have (everyday)
  • Be mindful of yourself


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