Learn when to stand up for yourself

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Written by contributing blogger, Sonia Sahota.

We’ve all had moments where we let others treat us like a doormat. Many of us do not realize this when it’s happening. You rush over to your friend that needs help preparing for a law school exam the next day while you were in the middle of finishing an important project or your coworker needs you to help her with an urgent task while you are already spread so thin. Allowing our friends to walk all over us can be second nature. Some people fall into habit of always saying yes to avoid conversation that comes along with “no.”

You’re not alone. ..I’ve been there too. During this past year when I was working hard at work, making time for the gym, and trying to sleep when I could, I have learned to kindly say no as I am incapable of being in 10 places at once. Sometimes, I needed to put myself first (self-love) and communicate this to others. Communication was key in these kind of situations, even when it was hard to have the conversation. There were experiences where I was too anxious to say no because I was worried about what the other person would say or feel. I took a step back and thought about the situation and how it truly made me feel. Was I happier by helping others or did I need to help myself first? As a result of saying no, I was no longer stuck completing a favor I didn’t have time for and did not feel taken advantage of because of my eagerness to help others. And here’s the thing…most people (and your true friends) will understand when you have to say no.

What’s the point? Stop ignoring how you feel and start standing up for yourself. Someone once told me, “you’ll be a thousand times happier once you realize that you cannot please everyone.”

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