Kill em’ with Kindness

There will always be the cliques and mean girls and the asses of the world. They test your limits. They test your own judgment at times. And sometimes you crack. Sometimes you want to run and sleep the day away. I mean who made them think they were the ultimate in awesome?

It’s not just high school anymore. It’s on Facebook. It’s on snapchat. It’s in the workplace. And it’s even just when you’re walking down the street. You can see it in a look. You can hear it in their tone. You can feel it behind you or even in front of your face.

Life will never be fair or perfect simple and easy. But you can control how you react to others’ stupidity and ill devised ways. You can continue to be yourself, and decide to dish it back or better yet, just be sweet as pie. Say thank you. Say you’re welcome. Step aside to let them walk away, instead of all over you. Provide a new path for them, that doesn’t include you. Provide yourself with a new perspective. Being kind isn’t a weakness. It isn’t being a pushover. It’s being strong. It’s a strength that some people aren’t willing to demonstrate.

In the end, we all know love and kindness has stronger effects than hate. Hate can hurt a lot of people but only if we let it.


Image source: eanswers

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