Five ways to “turn off” this summer, that actually work

Are you one of those people that cannot seem to just sit down and rest? Turn off your brain? I have some friends who work from home and it’s even harder for them. Their home is their office, and their office is their home. They make dinner and after they eat are thinking about work again. And you don’t have to be working from home for that too happen. Are you out with friends and checking your work email? Are you worried about an assignment that you should be working on, even though you have enough time to do it the next day?

A great time to try a little harder to “turn off” is the summer…not just because it’s sunny and glorious outside, but because it’s almost here now! Here are a few ways to do just that:

  1. Put your phone in another room  -They seem simple enough but how often are we glued to our phone? Usually it’s within an arm’s reach of ourselves. But if actively put it in another room, even for a couple hours (especially before bed), it will help us feel less tense. And in turn may even help us sleep better.
  2. Make plans in advance – Make plans with a friend or significant other in advance so you have a chance to hang out outside technology and the workplace. And when you’re at dinner (keep your phone in your bag or pocket).
  3. Do things that don’t involve technology – Since we travel everywhere with our phones, it helps if we can do a few things without technology. For example, try things like meditation, hiking, going to a movie, a museum, or even just a walk.
  4. Try a new gym class – Usually when we’re in a class our phones aren’t necessary because we don’t need it for music. Whether it’s spin or barre or a kickboxing, your phone won’t be missed.

What’s your tip for turning off?



image source – pixabay

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