Five Ways to Reduce Stress

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School is back in session. Summer is seeming far away. And work is piling up. Can’t beat around the bush when the stress is piling up on your plate, and you’re to do list is miles long, and you’re not quite sure where to start? Here are a few tricks I learned along the way to reduce anxiety and stress when it comes to work and life.

  1. Use the hours in the day – 24 hours zips by, but there’s a lot more we can do with it if we try. Getting up an extra hour earlier in the day, can help you do the things you may not have had time for in the evening. If possible, try 2! My suggestion, work your way to the time that works for you and the amount of sleep you need (not want).
  2. Don’t over-caffeinate  – Too much coffee is just going to make you more antzy and possibly more anxious. Compensate by having more water to stay hydrated, which will help for staying more alert too.
  3. Make a realistic to do list – Instead of having a laundry list, organize the list so you can see what are the action items for the day versus the week, and see what’s possible to delegate off your plate.
  4. Focus on the priorities – When tackling the to-do list, focus on the items that you must get done, and the ones that will help make the other items less daunting. Perhaps get the little annoying ones off the list, so you can focus on the big ticket items without distraction. Or if you work better focusing on the big items first, leave the little items for a break when you need to moment away from the larger projects.
  5. Take a day off – Each week, take at least one day when you can “turn off” from the computer and/or your day to day work so you can re-charge. No one wants to burn out by working 7 days a week 14 hours a day. Take the time you need to find the energy to kick ass again.

And in the end, remember that sometimes you need to reduce what’s on your plate to be less stressed so you can live a life that you are excited about. The stresses you have, are best manageable when they’re leading you to your goals.


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