Five Things for This Fall

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Let’s keep this real. The five things you need to do this Fall to make it awesome:

1. Pumpkin coffee
2. Pumpkin pie
3. Pumpkin beer
4. Pumpkin pancakes
5. Pumpkin hummus
That’s it. Enjoy!
Ok, ok….. maybe there are 10 million more pumpkin things to enjoy this fall, but that’s a damn good start.
Fall is here … coming… ready to take us by storm. What else do we need to do get ready?
  • Consider a fresh start to our closets – because we all know we want new boots.
  • Cleanse our diets to be healthier so we can enjoy our special pumpkin cravings and not feel guilty
  • Be cultural and enjoy the fall festivities including apple picking, corn mazes, hiking,
  • Enjoy the fall brisk air.
  • Take some long weekends to appreciate it … it’ll be winter soon. Just kidding – but really.

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