Five Things You Can Learn From Spin Class

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When I go to Spin class, I’m ready to burn some calories, and get my sweat on. It usually allows me to not only feel like I got a great workout, but also provide me some stress relief from the day or week. I can let go of the world, and just focus on my goal for that one hour. But what I’ve noticed is that during that time, I’ve learned and achieved a few more things:

  1. No distractions – Spin class allows me to turn off my phone, not worry about what Facebook message I have, who has liked my Instagram photo, or who’s texted. It allows me to tune out and be in the moment without technology and without unnecessary distractions. I need more of that in my life. Even taking 30 minutes a day to just say no, to tech.
  2. Me time – While I’m on the bike, I have time that’s meant for me, specifically. Whether I’m with a friend in class or not, it’s a time when you’re in your own zone. Whether the class is 45 minutes or 75 minutes, that time is yours, and you feel refreshed after. I’ve tried to translate that to a weekly basis where I take time for just me. It allows me to recharge and be a better friend too.
  3. Listening to my body – There are times when my knee may hurt, or my head is feeling achy from the night before. It’s important to understand when to go a little slower in life, and when you can push through.
  4. Pushing harder – Typically, I tell myself, “hell yes you can finish this class, and break your record from last time!” The same goes for regular life whether it’s eating better, walking a few more steps during the day, and completing some extra items off your to do list.
  5. Goal setting – spin class allows you to focus on endurance so your body can go further. I recently took a 75 minute spin class, which tested my mental and physical capacity to make it through the entire duration. Instead of focusing on the time (so easy to do), I focused on the mileage I wanted to complete before the class completed. The same goes for life – we can always change our story, and focus on the goals that allow us to accomplish a bit more.

And when you step off the bike, hopefully it doesn’t stop there.


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