Five Brunch Ideas You Have to Try

Brunch, brunch, and more brunch. Do we ever get tired of it? I certainly don’t. As much as it’s fun to go out for brunch, it’s also fun to host and cook it up at home. Here are some ideas for that perfect sunday at-home brunch:

  1. Because no brunch is complete without pancakes Рtry these banana whey protein pancakes 
  2. For the folks who prefer waffles – try these brown butter blueberry bacon waffles (yes, I said bacon)
  3. Get a little fancy with sweet potato salmon cakes with poached eggs
  4. Littles bites with these smoked salmon deviled eggs
  5. And for the on to go easy bite, tropical mango muffins

Best part they’re all gluten free and still mouth watering.

Top it off with my favorite brunch cocktail: St. germain champagne cocktail 

Cheers to brunch!



image source – pixabay

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