Don’t Force Life

Relationships, age, and positive outcomes…all thing we wish we could control. Not so much. Especially things like relationships/friendships, there is more than just you involved. You can’t control the whole situation. You can’t dictate how things will go and what you want, at all times. You can’t just snap your fingers and say…yes, please. I love you too. Let’s go to this movie, because I want to see that.

Even the relationship with your dog can’t be controlled. That dog will find a way to get to the trash can if he wants to. And he will love it.

So what? What can you control?

We can control how we feel and react. We can give up control.

Sound scary? It does to me, almost everyday. But it’s something I’m working on – and it’s something I have to work on repeatedly as I am not typically built that way. I’ve learned over time and now that I’m in my 30s that some people are just not meant to stay, and some people are not meant to be in your life the way you pictured or hoped. Sometimes people have a purpose, but not what you expected.

My biggest pet peeves are being late and when people are late (or don’t respond). It feels selfish and inconsiderate. Unfortunately some people are just chronically late or not mindful of time management. Others just forget. It’s not in my control to get them to places on time or make them respond. However, I can accept them for who they are and prepare myself for that situation. Being mindful myself that they are who they are and I love them anyway.

And if someone is careless with your heart, control who you let in. Because in the end it’s your life and you decide¬†how you live it and move forward.

And one lesson I’m still learning…just let go. Let life unfold the way it’s supposed to. Sometimes, just sometimes it turns out way better.


Image source: skinny artist

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