Blossom or Whither

She ran down the path towards the river, feeling free. She had escaped the toxicity of a relationship that was holding her back. A friendship that made her feel like she had to try too hard just to even breathe in the same room. A friend who made her struggle to get ready to get up and go out to meet that person. An hour goes by, the dinner goes quickly enough, the conversation flows good enough, but never smoothly enough. Friends they were, knew each other they did, for a few years at least, things in common they had, but there was something lacking. Chemistry isn’t just something needed in a romantic relationship, but also in friendship. And this friendship, was as bland as they could come. Days and weeks would pass before they saw one another, and if they saw each other sooner, they ran out of things to talk about or things to do together.

It’s unfortunate when friendships go south, but it happens. One friend, or both start to distance. One friend may become different than who they were before, to the other. One may think the other has taken on a new personality or become a negative individual in their life. A lot of times the one who thinks the other is negative, is usually at fault too, but doesn’t realize it. It takes two, most of the time. Hindsight is 20/20.

So what can we do when friendships change over time?

  1. Accept them for what they are
  2. Allow them to bloom or whither
  3. Believe that friendships last as long as they should
  4. Be grateful for the time you did have
  5. Always be kind

And in the end, there’s more to life than that one friendship.



image source – pixabay

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