Beyond the Comfort Zone

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A lot of people have complained about 2016 being shitty…and perhaps that’s an understatement for some. Whether it was personal, professional or both, when January hits, my mind automatically hits a reset button. It’s like a fresh start, a way to wipe the slate clean and try again. Try to work on the things we want to improve, and force ourselves to let go of the baggage from the year before.

Easier said than done.

And maybe this year we try something a little different. Instead of the regular to do list of weight, career, relationships, and self love. Let’s go further.

Let’s push ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone. Try things we’ve been afraid to do, push our bodies to new limits, and encourage ourselves to do more. It’s not necessarily negating the categories of health, career, relationships, and love, but pushing them to new limits. Providing new aspirations to achieve, rather than the regular I want to lose 15 pounds.

What will we do to lose those 15 pounds? Will it be going on yet, another diet? Why not make it a lifestyle, and allow your body to feel healthy all year round? Instead of just joining a new gym, invest in a training schedule (with a trainer, a friend, or yourself). Have someone hold you accountable for the training you want to achieve to be stronger in both body, and mind.

I know this year, I don’t want to just say hey I’m going to eat better, but have a monthly and weekly plan to achieve it. Push myself harder, with what I mean with a more actionable plan. For example, at the beginning of each week I will assess the week before, and set out a new goal plan for that week on both nutrition and exercise as my overall goals this year is to be stronger. To do so, I know I need to focus on more weight training, and focused exercise sessions, versus just jumping on an elliptical to get something in. It’s not about working out just to workout anymore, it’s about a focus. I’m pushing myself further.

Or perhaps it’s about doing something on your own you haven’t done before. Perhaps it’s taking a solo trip to have time to yourself. Maybe you’re scared you’ll be lonely or feel scared to travel alone. Maybe that’s the reason to do it. To show yourself you can. May sound a little “eat pray love” or “wild” but why the hell not?

This year. Go beyond the norm. Push yourself. Beyond what you planned. Beyond your comfort zone.


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