Being unsettled

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Imagine, you’re loving your job, you have a cozy home, and a support network of friends and family. You get your workout in when you can, and you’re enjoying life. It’s the perfect balance. And then one day one of those things comes loose from its hinges. You feel the sense of being rattled. Your relationship is on it’s last leg, or your home doesn’t feel like home anymore.

You feel unsettled.

This feeling is frustrating, to say the least. Now imagine if more than one thing was out of place. And only one was still together. Imagine the unsettlement. Imagine the fear. Imagine the stress on your mind and body.

The feeling of being unsettled is rough. You never quite feel yourself, and you’re constantly trying to prevent the other shoe from dropping, or getting that shoe back.

One thing you can always count on in life, is change. Life is never going to stay constant. So what can we do?

  • Accept change
  • Realize it’s not the issue that will define us, but how we handle it
  • Focus on what we can control
  • Worry less, because what you’re worried about may not happen
  • Stay in the present and focus on what you’re doing
  • Appreciate what you do have
  • Believe in yourself

And remember, one day you’ll feel settled again.


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