Being in the moment

Have you ever been out with someone, and started planning the next time you were hanging out? Or thinking about the next meal you’ll have later that day? Or what you’re doing later that day or weekend? Raise your hand if you’re guilty like me.

It’s nice to think ahead and explore the fun possibilities of what’s to come, but it takes away from the moment you’re in. It’s like cheating the person you’re with of the time you’re having together because you’re not actually in it.

A few ways that help to stay in the moment include: 

  • put the cell phone away, seriously – when you’re constantly looking at instagram or facebook or snapchat, you’re taking time away from where you are. The worst is when you’re sharing a meal. Hide the phone…don’t even have it in eye view.
  • listen harder – take time to listen to what the people around you are saying. This means taking in their demeanor and physical behaviors too. Perhaps they’re more tense and need to relax. Or upset but not sharing. Listen a bit more to be there for them.
  • take in your scenery – appreciate your surroundings. Whether it’s a warm blissful evening outside, or the decor of a unique restaurant, take a moment to appreciate where you are.
  • smile – sometimes just the act of smiling, can make a moment more welcoming and rewarding.
  • be thankful – the moment may not be perfect, but it’s a moment that leads you to your next step or your next day or your next adventure.
  • enjoy it like a child – most kids, when they’re playing are fully in the moment. They’re playing basketball or a board game, or video games, and acutely attuned to what is happening right then. Hone your inner child.

And the times you forget to be in the moment…just try a little harder next time.



image source – pixabay

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